Ayuso Announces Early Elections And The Left Tries To Abort Them

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the president of the Community of Madrid, has decided to call early elections in the region on Tuesday, May 4. It is the reaction of the PP to the order launched by Citizens in Murcia, where it will drop popular president Fernando López Miras after agreeing on a motion of censure with the PSOE.

However, it is not certain that Díaz Ayuso can get away with it since both the PSOE and Más Madrid have also presented motions of no confidence to avoid it.

The precipitation of events this afternoon in the capital does not allow us to know at this time if the electoral call will finally prevail or the attempt of the left to abort it. This constitutional tool to question the Government cannot be executed if there are officially called elections.

And vice versa: elections cannot be called if there is a registered vote of no confidence. It will depend on what has been registered before in the regional Assembly, if the dissolution of the Chamber or the motions. At 2.30 pm there is a meeting of the regional parliament table, chaired by Ciudadanos, to decide on the initiatives of the PSOE and More Country.

According to sources from the Government of Ayuso, the president has communicated the dissolution to the Assembly at 11:45 am and, at 12, has signed the convocation decree, to prevent Ciudadanos from replicating its operation in Murcia and could not present a motion of censure (Something that happened around one o’clock in the afternoon by the PSOE and More Country).

The Madrid electoral law , in point 8.2, indicates that the decree calling the elections will come into force once it is published in the ‘Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid’, something that has not happened. The legal debate is served.

Ayuso has wanted to resolve those legal doubts and has appeared at the Puerta del Sol to make an institutional statement (without questions). “If I did not get to dissolve the Chamber, they would have prevented me from calling [elections] and, as has happened in the Government of the nation, they would have overthrown our Government,” he has sentenced in reference to socialists and oranges.

He explained that, seeing the Citizens’ movement in Murcia, he has decided “to dissolve the Assembly and call elections for the good of Madrid and Spain” and to avoid political “instability” for the people of Madrid.

The PSOE and Más Madrid try to paralyze the advance of Ayuso with motions of censure
The news of the early elections has been announced by the Madrid vice president, Ignacio Aguado , from Ciudadanos. As stated, Díaz Ayuso has communicated it at the meeting of the Madrid Governing Council this morning.

“It is terrible news, the people of Madrid do not deserve to have to pay for the corruption of the Murcia PP in Madrid. The situation in Murcia has nothing to do with Madrid,” they have lamented from Aguado’s team.

“Due to a personal and electoral whim, surely induced by his environment, it brings us to a situation where new elections will take place in the Community of Madrid and where all the work done by this Government will be ruined. It is really bad news” , has declared the still vice president.

In the president’s cabinet they believe that the PP can obtain better results than in the 2018 elections, when the PSOE won, and could continue to govern without the support of Ciudadanos although they admit that they could need Vox.

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