Salut Does Not Rule Out Need For An Annual Coronavirus Vaccination

Catalonia expects to reach 40% of inoculated in June as long as doses arrive.

The deputy director general of Health Promotion of Catalonia, Carmen Cabezas , has not ruled out this Tuesday that the coronavirus vaccination has to be repeated every year, as it is done with the flu, updating it to new variants.

He also explained that the forecast is to reach 40% of the population vaccinated against the covid in June. He has said so in statements to RAC-1, where he has clarified that this percentage “depends a lot on the number of available doses.” At the very least, she has been hopeful that 40% would include the population most at risk, either due to age or pathologies.

The coronavirus continues its rebound in Catalonia and the occupation of the ucis rises again. Cabezas explained that now several groups are being vaccinated simultaneously . Among them, those over 80, who have insisted that they will be vaccinated in March or perhaps “a little earlier.”

In these cases, it has explained that it is primary care who contacts people to make an appointment. The same occurs for large dependents, despite the fact that in these cases trips are made at home. In addition, the vaccination of transplanted people with Moderna’s vaccine is beginning.

Less dose
In this case, he has asked for peace of mind because it is the vaccine from which the least doses arrive. At the same time, the AstraZeneca vaccine is being administered to essential groups.

Once all these groups are completed, Cabezas explained that those over 70 years old, those over 60 years old and then those under 60 with risk conditions will be vaccinated. Additionally, those aged 45-55 will be vaccinated with AstraZenca once the core staff pool is exhausted. “We want to do all of this before June,” he said.

All those people who do not meet any of the requirements of these groups will be vaccinated from June, when vaccination could begin in the general population.

Regarding the limitation to 55 years of the AstraZeneca vaccine , he has considered that it will end up being revised and will be expanded to 65, but he has warned that it will not be imminent, but believes that he will wait to have the results of studies that they are being made in the United States.

The deputy director has acknowledged that last weekend fewer doses were administered but has defended that there is a daily rate of about 10,000 vaccines (from Monday to Friday).

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