The City Council Evicts The Last Narcofinca Of The Raval

An important device of the Urban Guard has evicted this Tuesday morning number 14 of Príncep de Viana street, in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona , the last major drug dealer in the neighborhood , where sexual abuse, a homicide and overdose have been committed fatalities in the last three years.

A hell behind closed doors for people who for one reason or another were forced to live badly there, whose consequences were also suffered from outside, to the nightmare of the neighbors.

At the time of the entry of the Urban Guard and the municipal social services to the building, at eight in the morning, there were 43 people inside the different houses, one of them a minor, who has been referred to the services specific.

Two of the occupants weighed a search and arrest warrant for which they have been arrested and the rest have been offered temporary accommodation in a municipal resource and enter the circuit of social services.

The judge gave the council the green light to vacate the building after giving him the report of the firefighters in which the situation of substandard housing and unhealthy conditions is verified .

On December 23, the Barcelona City Council informed the people who were occupying the building, owned by the Cerberus investment fund, that they had to leave the block due to a security issue, after the writing of the aforementioned technical report that concluded that living there was very dangerous due to the poor condition of the building (although it was obvious that not only because of that). Just two months after notifying him for the first time, the municipal police carried out the eviction.

Six month margin
Last November, the Councilor for Housing, Lucía Martín, and the Councilor of Ciutat Vella, Jordi Rabassa, accompanied representatives of the property to visit the deplorable state of the property “with the aim of making them responsible for the damage caused and lends itself to repair it, yielding at least part of the homes to the municipal social rental stock exchange, “said the councilors after that visit, who also came to the place this Tuesday.

At the door of the recently evicted farm, Martín has not hesitated to point out that this situation of degradation has been reached due to the inaction of the property. “The substandard file delivered to the judge has allowed us to evict and allows us to give the property six months to rehabilitate the farm , which is in an unhealthy situation.

If in six months it has not done so, it will not be able to rent it nor sell. We insist on asking Cerberus to assign these flats to the municipal rental exchange in order to rent them at affordable prices , “the Councilor for Housing reiterated ,who has added that they have given the property one month to present a proposal for action to the council and that if they do not do so they will initiate a sanctioning file .

Bubble of misery
This bubble of misery in the heart of Barcelona, ​​on a royal estate two steps from the Sant Antoni market, had ‘ survived’ several police operations by the Mossos d’Esquadra to the despair of the neighborhood.

The police entered a specific apartment with a court order, but when the rest of the farm was occupied by traffickers, they soon reopened it. This is the first time that the entire building has been vacated, which gives the neighborhood hope that it will be final.

The residents of the neighborhood, organized in platforms such as Acción Raval, have for years pointed out what in their eyes is clearly the root of the problem : “the neglect of the properties, who are interested in degrading the flats to sell them at a better price get the most benefit. “

The councilor of Ciutat Vella, Jordi Rabassa , has recalled from the gate of the estate that its ownership has changed over the years and that the city council has had to go looking for it each time to be responsible for what that happened there “due to the insensitivity they have had with the neighbors during all these years.” “We are confident that this eviction will change the attitude of the property,” added Rabassa .

Príncep de Viana, 14 , was a black spot in the neighborhood and the city not only because of the countless problems of coexistence and the fear felt by his neighbors and the people who pass by – he is just behind the Taller de Músics – but also for the people who came there to buy and consume drugs, since it is the most unsafe place to do it , not only because of the terrible hygienic conditions.

In October of last year, a 34-year-old citizen died there of an overdose.The case was especially cruel since the emergency teams came to revive him, but they could not access the building because several of the residents prevented it by throwing stones from the balconies. When the paramedics reached the man it was too late.

This is not the only event in the dire scenario. In November 2017, a 34-year-old man was stabbed to death on one of the floors of the building, stabbed during a brawl that broke out at dawn among several of the occupants.

And, in the farm today evicted , sexual abuse committed by some of the traffickers has also been reported.

According to the account of the neighbors, there have been a few consumers who came for a dose who also “prostituted themselves” to be able to buy them and overcome the withdrawal syndrome. Women raped, since they were not in a position to negotiate anything.

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