Catalonia Declares An Episode Due To High Pollution

Catalonia declares an episode due to high pollution. The arrival of Saharan dust triggers the presence of suspended particles.
The Saharan dust has generated an unsustainable pollution in Catalonia, especially in Barcelona and its metropolitan area. The escalation of suspended particles (PM10) has set off the alarms and the Government has declared an episode due to high pollution . The measure, however, is only accompanied by recommendations and in no case is mobility restricted.

The Generalitat, as has happened in previous episodes, recommends limiting outdoor sports activity , especially to those with respiratory and cardiovascular problems .

In the same way, it is urged to use public transport and limit the circulation of vehicles and, in the case of Barcelona, ​​and as reported by the council, the main roads of the city will be irrigated with groundwater, the machines that they expel air in cleaning and gardening services and activities that generate dust on construction sites are prohibited.

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The daily mean of PM10 levels on Monday was above 80 µg / m³ at 16 measurement stations and more than 50 µg / m³ at 27 other stations. The 24-hour forecast also indicates that levels will remain very high due to the intrusion of African dust that, due to weather conditions, will not yet disperse.

The declaration of an episode due to contamination is not very frequent in Catalonia. In 2019, for example, three were activated and in 2020 there were two. In previous years, one or none was declared.

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