The King Vindicates Role Of His Father On 23-F

The King Vindicates Role Of His Father On 23-F

The King Philip VI recalled the historic day Tuesday of the 23-F vindicating the figure of his father that night in crossroads.

“King Juan Carlos I assumed as Head of State his responsibility and his commitment to the Constitution,” he recalled in his speech at the ceremony to commemorate the failure of the attempted coup held in the Congress of Deputies.

“His firmness and authority were decisive for the triumph of democracy,” he added. [The elite that wanted to overthrow Suárez (and precipitated 23-F)]

For Felipe VI, it was also key, he said, “the institutional and citizen rejection of the rupture of our framework of coexistence”, which “was decisive to stop and defeat that coup .”

In his speech, the monarch also had words of remembrance for one of the most prominent politicians in the civil reaction against the coup. Thus, he wanted “with great admiration and gratitude, to signify in the person of the President of the Government Adolfo Suárez,” he said.

Felipe VI has assured that it is “unequivocal the will of the Crown to be an institution that includes, integrates and unites all Spaniards”.

The King has assured that on the night of 23-F he learned “the immense, the incalculable value that freedom has for the Spanish people”, and has encouraged “to defend it, because we know how difficult it was to achieve it and that there are always risks that they can threaten.

The monarch entered through the Puerta de los Leones, accompanied by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and that of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet. Upon arrival, he was greeted with applause and shouts of “Long live the king! And long live Spain!”

After taking a family photo in front of the steps, the delegation entered and went to the Clock Desk to greet the other guests at the event, including the four Vice Presidents of the Government, Carmen Calvo, Pablo Iglesias, Nadia Calviño and Teresa Riverbank.

“I was able to enter Congress because part of the CESID participated in the coup”. The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, in his capacity as leader of the opposition, is also in the Carrera de San Jerónimo . Thus, Sánchez and Casado coincide just when their parties are finalizing an agreement for the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), whose mandate expired more than two years ago.

Also present are the spokespersons for the parliamentary groups and members of the Board of Congress, as well as the two ‘fathers’ of the Constitution who remain alive, Miquel Roca and Miguel Herrero and Rodríguez de Miñón.

ERC, PNV, Bildu, Junts, PDECat, BNG and CUP do not attend the appointment, in line with what they usually do in the events in which the King participates or that commemorate the anniversaries of the Constitution. Those who are, in addition to the PSOE, the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, is United We Can, as well as More Country-Equo and a good part of the Mixed Group.

This Tuesday marks the 40th anniversary of the attempted coup led by Antonio Tejero, who broke in with a large group of civil guards in the congress chamber while the inauguration of Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo was being voted on. The then Head of State, Juan Carlos I, who has been residing in Abu Dhabi since August, had a lot to do with the failure of 23-F .

Members of the elite opposed to the character of the government management undertaken by Suárez.

The elite that wanted to overthrow Suárez (and precipitated 23-F). The institutional act will be completed with a lunch by Felipe VI with Sánchez, Casado and other authorities.

The meal among the representatives of the institutions is organized by the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, although it has been given a private character, government sources have informed EFE.

A little later, in the afternoon, the focus will return to the hemicycle, as the deputies will debate monarchical inviolability.

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