The directive to the Migration Agency was proclaimed at a group discussion hosted together by Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard and Sweden Democrat cluster leader Henrik Vinge.

This created it the primary announcement with the format united below the Tidö Agreement, which supplies the reactionist Sweden Democrats the proper to front policies developed at the side of Sweden’s multilateral coalition government.

“Today our work begins, with the primary necessary step within the direction of a accountable migration policy,” Vinge same, repining that there was “relatively widespread” abuse, significantly once it reduced to foreigners United Nations agency receive permits to come back to Sweden to review at university.

“An example of the type of abuses [we square measure targeting] might be that the allow is employed for alternative reasons than for education,” he said.

Sweden’s Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard same that the directive to the Migration Agency might be administered among the prevailing legal framework.

“It’s necessary for the legitimacy of the system that we have a tendency to create it tougher to abuse, which residence and work permits square measure recalled if there square measure grounds to try to to therefore,” she same in an exceedingly announcement. “For this reason, the govt has issued associate degree order to the Migration Agency to require action here and currently among this regulative framework.”

In the announcement, it says that the Migration Agency ought to “develop its handling processes”, “create a transparent division of responsibility for recalling work and residence permits”, associate degreed do associate degree analysis into whether or not an “automated system and alternative sorts of case-handling support” might be accustomed a larger extent.

The agency has been tasked with wanting into the chances of making a system which can enable it to consistently check informed folks that are awarded residency to form positive that their residency permits don’t seem to be being used.

In addition, the announcement calls on the agency to “step up its work on recalling residency for studies in teaching, wherever there square measure indications that residency permits square measure being misused”.

Stenergard stressed that fulfilling these tasks “should not be allowed to impact on the work being done to prevent supposed talent deportations”.

The agency has been asked to submit a written record on however it’s enacting the government’s requests on June thirtieth, 2023.

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