Unidos Podemos Will Register A Crown Law In Congress

On the same day that Felipe VI faces his most complicated speech , the president of United We Can in Congress, Jaume Asens, has assured that the purple formation will register a Crown Law in the coming months.

The regulations aim to regulate “what the king can do and what not” and guarantee “more transparency” to the monarchical institution that, according to the deputy, does not have sufficient democratic controls. The PSOE, the majority partner of the government coalition, has already ignored the initiative.

In an interview with La hora de la 1 , Asens has affirmed that the law is already advanced, but has recognized that in the face of the current economic and health crisis it has not been the top priority.

The deputy explained that the new regulation aims to end the opacity of the monarchical institution: “It cannot be that we find out about the current accounts that the King emeritus has due to a criminal investigation”, he has sentenced.

“It should be prohibited that the King, while collecting a public salary for his institutional role, can do business as an intermediary or be a commission agent taking advantage of his status as head of state.”

Therefore, United We Candemands a regulation on real accounts and proposes to prohibit the monarch from having accounts abroad: “The head of state has to set an example and has to pay taxes in Spain,” he has settled.

The president of UP in Congress has made it clear that the regulations do not want to cause instability in the coalition government: “There is a monarchical party, the PSOE, and a republican party, United We Can, which respects the institutions and believes that citizens deserve decide the form of State ”.

That is, between a parliamentary monarchy or a republic. Asens has appealed to the need to normalize the discrepancies between the two partners of the Executive, as occurs in other European countries with coalition governments.

Just a month ago the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, in a controversial interview in the Italian newspaper La StampaHe insisted that internal differences and tensions are normal and proposed to look at and learn from Italy, a country that has had complicated coalition executives for decades.

Regarding the Christmas Eve speech that Felipe VI will deliver in a few hours , Asens has affirmed that it is one of the “most stale, predictable and dispensable” Christmas traditions.

However, he considers that the King’s message represents an opportunity for the monarchy to “break the silence”, after weeks with the media focus on the Juan Carlos I scandals .

“I think it is important that the King makes a reference to the corruption that surrounds him right now. That gesture of self-criticism should come ”, he has sentenced.

For the deputy, the new crown law should also regulate the King’s own speech, “what he can and cannot say”, alluding to the speech of October 3, 2017, when Felipe VI addressed the Spanish in an exceptional message in the face of the emergency situation derived from the holding of the illegal referendum in Catalonia.

A message that denounced the “inadmissible disloyalty” of those responsible for the Generalitatand laid the foundations for the application of article 155 of the Constitution. With that speech “for many he was doing politics,” said Asens, who has stressed that the King cannot lose his symbolic and neutral role.

Therefore, the Crown law should regulate more specifically the institutional role of the Monarch. “If we have to learn something from what has happened with the Emeritus King, it has to be so that it does not happen with the King, because power corrupts. All power needs limits ”, he concluded.

The candidate of En Comú Podem to the presidency of the Generalitat, Jéssica Albiach , has joined the criticism and has branded the King emeritus a “confessed criminal” and a “scoundrel” for having “defrauded up to 600,000 euros” to the State, in allusion to the tax regularization carried out on December 9 by Juan Carlos I.

In statements to Efe, Albiach has also predicted that Felipe VI will be “the last king to know Spain” and has stressed that, if the monarchy wants to gain legitimacy, “It should go through a referendum.”

Rafael Simancas, general secretary of the socialist group in Congress, has hardly taken a few minutes to respond on the same program. “We believe that the Crown is perfectly regulated in the Spanish Constitution,” he stated about this possible Crown Law.

“The head of the State is a basic institution in the functioning of our democracy. What we have to do is leave the crown out of the political and daily controversy “, pointed out the leader of the PSOE, who has considered that there are other” priorities “, which include” health “and” employment “.

The vice-secretary of Communication of the Popular Party, Pablo Montesinos, has also defended the King for his work, which he considers “exemplary.”

In an interview on TVE, Montesinos recalled the “key role” that, in his opinion, the Monarch has in constitutional Spain and has asked the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to “disavow” Pablo Iglesias and the Ministers of Unity We may “want to end” the head of state and the Constitution.

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