Listorti Hard With Nicole Neumann After Trip In Miami

The driver of “You have to see” questioned the blonde’s trip abroad in the middle of the pandemic. “Who does not celebrate 40 years in Miami, with Covid?” He said.

José María Listorti was very spicy when presenting the news of Nicole Neumann’s trip to Miami to celebrate 40 years in the middle of the pandemic

The host of “You have to see”, El Nueve , who recently recovered from coronavirus, was relentless in his account when talking about the model’s pleasure trip with his daughters.

“In Miami apparently it is less contagious. You can be out there, with lights, on your birthday, but here in Argentina a producer sneezes at you and makes a terrible mess,” he launched with irony.

And he added even more spicy: “It’s what we all do, when we have our birthday we go to Miami.”

“Who does not celebrate 40 years in Miami, with Covid? No, the shitty life that Nicole has is terrible, it makes me very sad,” said Listorti.

The model had been upset a few days ago by the versions that she had traveled abroad without her daughters.

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