Romina Malaspina On The Channel 26 She Already Has Her Replacement

Kruger , better known as ” The China” of “The Right Price” , was added as a figure on the news signal.

The young woman joined the signal in the absence of Malaspina , who took a few days off.

Apparently, the former “Big Brother” raised a cry when she learned of Kruger’s incorporation to the station.

From social networks many wondered about the absence of the model on the screen, who recently had a high profile in the media.

The truth is that according to the data handled by this medium, Malaspina took a few days of vacation, although what sounds strong in the corridors of the channel is that he is in a bid for his contract.

The model would have proposed to review her contract to update it, something that did not go quite well.

In this situation, you are waiting for your return from your days off for the contractual issue to be settled.

Otherwise, his future in the channel is unknown and it seems to be far from not reaching a solution, added to the brand new incorporation of Kruger .

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