14 New Celebrities Coexist In New Edition Of Strong House 2

Telecinco premieres tonight, at 10:00 p.m., the second edition of ‘La casa fuerte’ .

On this occasion, Isa Pantoja and Asraf Beno; Sonia Monroy and her husband, Juan Diego López; Tom Brusse and Sandra Pica ; Mahi Masegosa and her partner, Rafa Moya.

Mari Cielo Pajares, Antonio Pavón, Albert Álvarez, Cristini Couto , Samira Salomé Jalil and Rebeca Pous are the 14 confirmed protagonists who will star in the new installments of the reality show.

In this new edition, Jorge Javier Vázquez will be in charge of the program on Thursdays and Sundays on Telecinco, and Sandra Barneda, of the Tuesday installments, whose broadcast will start earlier on Mitele PLUS, before continuing on Telecinco and later on Cuatro. Both will be in permanent connection with Lara Álvarez from ‘The Secret Garden’.

As in the first edition, ‘La Casa Fuerte’ will divide the seven pairs of contestants into two groups : the Residents, four duos who will enjoy a more comfortable and comfortable life and will have private bedrooms with a safe in which to accumulate cash prizes won in games and the Campers, who will have to get ahead in more precarious conditions in order to occupy the privileged position of the Residents and appropriate the loot accumulated by them.

In this way, couples will be part of a competition in which dexterity, strength and endurance in games, ability and intelligence to design possible strategies in the day to day and tolerance and patience in coexistence, they will be fundamental virtues to achieve success.

The ‘assaults’, that is, the attempts of a Camped couple to take the place of a Resident couple in the house, appropriating their room and the money accumulated in their safe, will be resolved through the positive votes of followers of the show through messages or phone calls or through exciting and competitive games.

The second edition of ‘La Casa Fuerte’, which has already started with a brief pre-coexistence of the contestants from this Tuesday, November 3, will have new spaces and facilities that, on the one hand, will serve to adapt to the adverse weather of autumn and of winter, and on the other, to expand the possibilities and creativity of the games that the participants will face.

Among these new spaces located in the Sierra de Madrid, a covered pavilion stands out, ‘The Secret Garden’, decorated and illuminated to welcome the contestants in the prime time programs.

There, they will face the tests, analyze the most outstanding episodes of the coexistence and the Resident Meetings will take place, in which the couples who compete under this condition will have to assess each other on aspects such as cleanliness, sincerity and education.

In addition, while the Residents will coexist in the comfort of a cozy house with wide coverage of services and needs, the Campers will have to do so in a large tent, with a more precarious endowment and with a common sleeping area.

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