Aragonès Confirms That Catalan Schools Will Reopen Soon

Aragonès reaffirms that Catalan schools will reopen this Monday. The acting ‘president’ claims that very few minors have been confined.

The Catalan schools will open their doors tomorrow as planned. The acting president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, defended yesterday that the centers continue to operate despite some experts who advised against resuming activities due to the bad figures of the covid-19 pandemic.

The also ERC leader and candidate for 14-F pulled statistics to show that classrooms are safe at the sanitary level.

“Schools are safe and they have to be the last public service to close,” said Aragonès after meeting with the education sector of his party in Barcelona. The vice president of the Government also recalled that classes will resume “with all security measures, the same as in September.”

In ERC, very scared by the problems of managing the pandemic in the departments it leads, they insist that the work in Education has been the most remarkable, although there were some problems, for example, with the distribution of computers.

In the course of this course, Aragonès explained, four out of every five students have not had to go through any type of preventive confinement. In the case of teachers, the magnitude becomes nine out of ten. “99.39% of the centers have not had to close at any time,” added the acting president .

For his part, the director of public centers of the Department of Education, Josep González-Cambray, announced in an interview with channel 3/24 that from tomorrow a voluntary screening for teachers will also begin, and 170,000 self-sample tests will be available.

Last week, a group of experts, including researchers Oriol Mitjà and Salvador Macip, asked not to resume classes due to the bad epidemiological figures. The Health department launched new measures on the 7th to try to stop the advance of the pandemic, but did not act on the school.

On the other hand, González-Cambray also tried yesterday to reassure the candidates for the teaching examinations who were late or could not take the exams because of the storm Filomena, which cut off some highways and train tracks in Catalonia. The senior official said that there will be flexibility and that the cases will be analyzed but insisted on the need for the tests to be in person.

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