Students Of Madrid Universities Are Against The Presence Of Exams

This weekend there is a red alert for snow and next week temperatures are expected to be around 13 degrees below zero

Students of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) have denounced that the presence of the exams of the January session “is maintained in most schools”, despite the “unprecedented situation” due to the snowstorm these days .

“The forecasts of up to 13 degrees below zero for next week, added to the red alert of snow storm for today and tomorrow, make the continuity of the January exams unfeasible,” the students say in a statement, where they ask to change the January face-to-face exams.

The students denounce that the UPM has become “the only public university in the Community of Madrid with face-to-face exams this Friday, January 8”, despite the snowstorm that all the forecasts announced and despite claiming its suspension on 6 January.

“The Delegation of Students of the UPM sent on January 6 in the early afternoon a letter to the Rector, the Vice-Rector for Students and the University Ombudsman (no one knows who he defends).

No response to the letter has been received ”, they add, reproaching the rector for having ignored his complaints. In addition, with regard to the pandemic situation, they complain that, after four months since the beginning of the course, they have not been able to “give a minimally satisfactory solution to the January 2021 call”.

“Students wonder where their university is right now. They only see how, once again, their complaints and their problems are passed over, they are ignored and their representatives are despised. The situation is extreme and the students cannot evaluate themselves under these conditions ”, they concluded.

The UPM is not the only faculty that has raised its voice. Students from the Autonomous University, Rey Juan Carlos University, Carlos III University and the Complutense University add more than 16,200 signatures, in 48 hours, on the platform requesting that, due to the coronavirus, the exams are carried out online and not in person.

In the Community of Madrid, more than 1,000 people have also joined a petition in similar terms that asks the Dean of the University of Alcalá de Henares to “suspend face-to-face evaluations and tests due to the high risk of crowds in public transport and campus facilities ”.

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