Madrid Delays The Return To Class Due To The Damage

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has decided to delay the start of classes until Monday, January 18. It is another of the effects of the storm Filomena , which devastated the region during the weekend.

The frosts, expected throughout this week with minimum temperatures of up to 10 below zero, will not help to make the streets more practicable and the classrooms less cold, so the president has decided to announce the changes.

“We suspend all face-to-face classes in the Community of Madrid until Monday 18. They will be telematics from Wednesday 13. It is necessary to fix damages and guarantee a safe return to classrooms after the snow and cold storm,” he explained on Twitter.

In the morning, the Madrid leader had advanced that she would like face-to-face classes to resume because the message had to be launched that, despite the inclement weather, “everything has to return to normal soon.” Last Saturday he announced that classes were suspended on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and would resume on Wednesday. But time is king.

Several municipalities and teaching platforms had asked the Community of Madrid this Monday to suspend face-to-face classes at least until Monday, January 18, due to the effects of the snowfall and “the risks that returning to class would entail” on Wednesday , as planned .

The unions, such as CC OO, had also requested it. “We think that the most reasonable and the most sensible and the most forward-looking in light of the events and with the data that we know today, that we must provide security to the system, to the families, and we think that this week the tele-teaching and the telematic classes, ”said Isabel Galvín, a spokesperson for the union.

The Community of Madrid, therefore, has extended the cancellation of face-to-face educational activity in the centers of the region until next Monday, January 18.

This was announced by the regional president after hearing the first reports from the Ministry of Education and Youth and the damage caused by the passage of the storm Filomena, an information that has been confirmed by the Town Councils, the management teams of the educational centers and representatives of concerted and private education.

The main causes that have been taken into account to make this decision have been both the difficulty in guaranteeing access and transportation to the educational centers, as well as the security in them due to the damage caused by accumulated snow and ice, as well as by the fall of trees in the infrastructures.

Before the beginning of the face-to-face classes, it is necessary to check the situation of the educational centers to confirm that they do not have problems that may affect security, the regional government explained in a note.

The storm has knocked down the roofs of sports spaces and light structures, the fall of treesIt has also affected several facilities and the cold of these days can leave heating systems or pipes damaged.

“It is therefore necessary to inspect the centers for a few days to guarantee maximum security. In any case, tomorrow Tuesday there will be distance education wherever possible and, as of Wednesday, all the educational centers in the region will teach the classes electronically, according to the educational stage of the students and according to the organization of each center ”, Explains the Government.

The measure will affect the 1,227,165 students in the 3,344 educational centers in the region, both publicly and privately owned, existing this school year in the Community of Madrid and during these days the possible damage to the centers will be evaluated and their situation for the purposes of a return to face-to-face classes, so that it can be carried out with the highest security conditions and avoiding all risks.

More than 50 Town Councils had transferred to the Community the need to have a few more days, until Monday 18, to analyze the situation, resolve accessibility and fix the damage, and both public, private and subsidized centers were have been satisfied with doing the online teachingsUntil next monday.

Educational centers in the region must inform students and families by the means available to them of this extension of the suspension of face-to-face educational activity and that the educational activity will continue in its remote mode, as it began to be taught this Monday.

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