80 Years After National Reconciliation Of the Century Rule

Of course it has many connotations but I am a person of moderation and that the current King can go to a tribute in Spain to Manuel Azaña gives me satisfaction and is a real recognition María José Navarro Azaña great niece of the last legitimate president of the Second Republic does not hide her pleasure at the historical fact of being able to meet for the first time with the current head of State.

It will be another image of national reconciliation 80 years after the death in exile of one of the most important politicians and intellectuals of the 20th century The State began yesterday in Congress a series of official commemorations at the highest level of recognition of Manuel Azaña which will culminateon December 17 with the inauguration of a great exhibition at the National Library to which the Kings are invited

In the hall of the lost steps of the Congress of Deputies a space in which so many politicians and journalists have forged their dreams and graves for decades and that Manuel Azaña frequented so much the pasodoble Suspiros was performed this Tuesday.

The piano at around 130 pm of Spain composed in 1902 by the teacher Antonio Álvarez Alonso and that later has had so many versions and interpretations In exile and emigration after the coup and Francos dictatorship the piece symbolized nostalgia for a country and a lost opportunity

The most direct living family of the former president of the Second Republic thus listened to the pasodoble with the utmost respect after a few brief words from the president of the Lower House Meritxell Batet aimed at extolling the reformist consensus and reconciliation spirit with the which now summarizes the career of one of the most cited politicians in the history of Spain Azañas greatniece.

María José Navarro did not want to give a speech yesterday I am not of words but all this suggests to me that the years pass and she is still remembered and lived And he observes and values it every time he visits his grave in the French cemetery of Montauban where he was with President.

Pedro Sánchez a year agoand where the French Government has set up a mailbox to collect the letters that his greatgrandfather still receives The family does not want a repatriation of the grave or a state funeral They think that his burial in exile is thus a symbol

All the presidents of the Government of this democratic stage in Spain have at some point been nurtured by their mandates of messages slogans thoughts books and memories of Manuel Azaña Alcalá de Henares 18801940 who was a politician writer and journalist who presided over the Government twice between 1931 and 1936 and who became Head of State in the Second Republic between May of that year and 1939.

That is why the possible meeting with the current Head of State has more value I dont know him weve never seen each other but the fact that he can go to the opening of the exhibition at the National Library is an act worthy of thanks and that honors him concedes María José Navarro Azaña who lives in the house relative of the former Republican president in Alcalá de Henares where he will also be paid various tributes.

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