Trump Backs Down And Signs Stimulus Package After Resisting For Days

After days of threatening not to sign the colossal bill approved in extremis by Congress with a broad consensus of the two parties that contemplates aid worth 900,000 million dollars for families and companies, the president of the United States backed down and decided to stamp your signature in this new rescue to the economy.

This Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump promised from his Twitter account “good news” about the great aid plan that until now he had refused to sign and that he came to describe as “shameful.

“However, the outgoing president did not give more details while millions of Americans lived pending the deadline so that the Government did not close, which became effective on Monday night, and they would run out of their unemployment benefits or not collect their salaries if they worked for the state.

“Good news on the covid bill. Information shortly! ”, The president wrote from his vacation at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Sources quoted by the US media stated that throughout this week, while resting in his villa, the president had been continuously changing his mind on whether or not to sign the bill. According to these same sources, it is unknown what made the president change his mind late this Sunday.

What is a fact is that he has been under strong pressure from Republicans to give up. “I think when you leave office, you want to be remembered for advocating higher paychecks, but the danger is that you will be remembered for the chaos, misery and erratic behavior,” said Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey during an interview. for the FOX chain.

The text that Trump has finally ratified includes financial aid of up to $ 600, depending on the recipient’s income, and an unemployment bonus of up to $ 300 per week, as well as an item of $ 284,000 million for companies and businesses affected by the pandemic crisis can cope with the rents and payroll of their workers.

The document approved on Monday, of 5,593 pages, contemplates 900,000 million dollars in urgent aid to families and companies affected by the effects of the health crisis, in addition to guaranteeing government financing until the month of September and represents a total outlay of 2 , 3 trillion dollars.

The bill had broad support from both parties on Capitol Hill, passing in the House of Representatives by 359 to 53 votes and in the Senate, with a Republican majority, by 92 to 6.

During the entire time that the negotiations lasted, Trump remained silent, oblivious to the crisis in the country. This Sunday at 7:40 p.m. on the East Coast of the United States, the president signed the monumental aid package.

If the president had not stamped his signature on the law, the Government would have entered the phase known as shut down , it would have literally closed before the inaction of the dignitary.

The week has been a veritable roller coaster ride, something the president is already used to in the nation.

The day after Congress overwhelmingly passed the law, Trump released a video asking Congress to amend the bill and increase “the ridiculously low $ 600 to $ 2,000, or $ 4,000 per couple,” on reference to the money they should receive as aid against the pandemicmillions of Americans.

“I also ask Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary elements of this legislation, and to send me an appropriate bill, or else the next Administration will have to come up with a COVID relief package, and perhaps that Administration it will be me, “said Trump, in a 35-second video,

In addition to launching an ordeal against the law, he continued to live oblivious to the reality of having lost the elections and made clear his hope of remaining in the White House from of January 20, since he refuses to admit the defeat suffered last November 3 at the polls against Democrat Joe Biden.

In addition to the chaos that the government shutdown would have caused as of early Tuesday, more than 14 million people would not have been able to collect unemployment insurance and no aid check would have been sent.

Not signing the law would also have meant freezing the new money approved for the distribution of coronavirus vaccines, airlines, small businesses, and aid to schools, among other things.

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