How Were Great Rock Stars Created

Every legend has an origin. Before Freddie Mercury there was Farrokh Bulsara, and before David Bowie, David Robert Jones. The lives of these artists, like those of the Beatles, Who or Nirvana, is as intense and captivating as their own songs.

EL PAÍS publishes this Sunday the first installment of a collection of books, Great Rock Stars, which brings together the history of the greatest artists of recent times. It is also available on the Collections website .

The collection, which debuts with Queen , is made up of 12 books in a deluxe edition: hardcover, 112 large-format pages and dozens of incredible photographs on and off the stage. The texts have been written by British journalists who are experts in music and in the trajectory of these artists.

Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, U2, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac round out the list of names included in Biggest Rock Stars.

The first installment, Queen. A Kind of Magic: An Illustrated History , collects the phenomenon that triggered the union of four very great musicians: the singer and pianist Mercury, the guitarist Brian May, the drummer Roger Taylor and the bassist John Deacon.

Mercury’s fabulous voice, exuberance, group mastery, and drive to break the rules sparked a transgressive group that also managed to be incredibly popular. The details of how they met, the auditions to achieve the components, their debut and first albums, also their fights and changes of representatives … all their steps are reflected in this book.

The group experienced its worst moment and the end of its great time with the death of Mercury in 1991. “He was the best. Nobody could even touch him, “said Taylor about his partner, as Michael O’Neill, author of the book, points out.

The journalist adds: “His technique was impressive and he was swollen with musicality. There was no one who surpassed his phrasing, his ability to change the tempo in the blink of an eye, his talent to move effortlessly between octaves. “

Queen’s genius will be followed by boss Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days: 50 Years of Dreaming. It was released in 1973 in the world of music and since then has dedicated his life to composition. His origins – he was born in New Jersey – shaped his style and his influences were marking different stages in his career, becoming an exalted representative of American music.

He is not an extinct star, because last year he published Western Stars and, after six years without playing with his band, The E Street Band, last October he released Letter To You , with current songs but also from the 70s.

Each delivery is priced at 9.95 euros.

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