20 Brands Rivalry is Notable in the case of San Sebastian

“This exclusiveness and rivalry is notable in the case of San Sebastian, a relatively small city where distribution must be scrupulously respected because there is a high rivalry since there is a notable concentration of high-level perfumeries: the mythical Benegas and Urbieta, the young Hunky Dory or the consolidated Forty Degrees “, comments Abel Díaz, and adds.

“There have been curious cases, such as a store in San Sebastián that wanted one of our brands exclusively, but exclusively for the whole of Spain! Very annoyed they told me that I would never position a product in San Sebastián without first offer it to them, under penalty of permanent expulsion from their store from all our brands. “

On the other hand, although retailersThey give great importance to exclusivity, it is a factor that is currently losing weight due to the change in the rules of the market game. Piotr de La Basílica is clear about it.

“What matters to me is the customer and the product I sell, at the moment I don’t care about exclusivity in Barcelona, ​​but in Madrid it is much more complex. I started with about 20 brands, we have reached have more than 100 and now we have about 60.

And those 60 will be reduced to about 40 at the end I could have 10 more commercial brands as most niche perfumeries do today, but no. To give good customer service and be able to recommend the best, this is the way.

The criteria of the distributor are strict: “It is taken into account from its portfolio of brands, the quality of the products and of course the price. Then there is the prestige.There are retailers that I call The A list, such as Ekseption in Madrid, Santa Eulalia in Barcelona.

​​Gomina in Puerto Banus or Chapeau in Valencia, fashion spaces that also sell fragrances, it is interesting to position your brand because they are benchmarks in the sector. There are brands that are highly coveted and have a very exclusive distribution, others that require a very high introductory order or demand an exclusive dedicated area from customers within the store, and stores accept all these conditions as long as they have that brand “, reveals Abel Díaz.

There are those who predict that with the entry of new operators in the market, such as the large cosmetic groups, the niche wars will cease, luxury needs to evolve to stay relevant? But that is another matter.

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