277 Brands Shows The Real Stats Of 10789 Fragrances

If you feel your nostrils retract as you cross the perfume section of the airport (no one is spared), you may find yourself among that select minority who reject the generic chemical stench of the mass.

This is much more likely to happen if you have already fallen into the clutches of the niche (niche), those unique perfumes with beautiful bottles and exquisite quality natural ingredients mixed with state-of-the-art olfactory molecules and great stories to tell It is not surprising that for those who try it, there is no going back.

Something that shows the evolution and increase in the demand for this type of perfume: “Our database currently has 277 brands that we classify as niche. Of these brands, we have registered a total of 10,789 fragrances.

In 2019 we have counted 1,278 launches of niche fragrances compared to the 388 that were counted in 2010, which shows a significant evolution “, according to data from Fragrances of The World, the world’s largest perfume database.

What is it about the niche that so seduces? “I bought my first niche perfume in a luxury shopping center in Milan, it was Eau Radieuse by Humiecki & Graef, I loved it, I went crazy, that freshness, that little understood acidity,” says Piotr Rybaczek, founder of La Basílica Galería emporium of signature perfumes in Barcelona.

“The consumer seeks differentiation. The market is saturated at all levels, if they approach signature perfumes it is because they want something special to connect with,” clarifies Abel Díaz, marketing consultant and founder of StudioSmith Showroom, a brand distributor From author.

The niche war raises a fierce fight between distributors, agents, brands and the great dynasties of the select to keep the olfactory jewel exclusively, something that is especially evident when two perfumeries share space in the same city.

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